Between Land & Water
Life stories of CT amphibians





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Videotaped entirely in Connecticut
Widescreen, color, 48 minutes

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This new video DVD provides a view of local frogs and salamanders in their native habitats that has never been available before.

Taped entirely in Connecticut, Between Land & Water documents the life cycles of native amphibians over an entire season. Beginning with the thawing of vernal pools in early spring, this video documentary follows native frog and salamander species to depict key aspects of amphibian life cycles including spring migrations, calls and mating seasons, and developmental phases from larval forms to metamorphs to adults.

Videotaped and narrated by naturalist Brian Kleinman, Between Land & Water also describes aspects of vernal pool, stream and woodland habitats upon which amphibians rely as well the animals’ roles within native ecosystems.

Insightful and informative, this DVD provides a valuable new resource for educators, libraries and museums—and for parents and families. It makes familiar calls such as those of Spring Peepers, Gray Tree Frogs or American Toads into invitations to explore native wildlife and habitats.

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