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Trips to Explore Connecticut geology, dinosaurs, natural habitats and family fishing.

Connecticut may seem tame but it is actually a place where incredible discoveries about geology and dinosaurs have been made for centuries—and where today we enjoy a remarkable diversity of natural places and fishing.

The combination of the state's remarkable nature and small size make it a perfect place to explore earth science, to hike a great variety of wilderness, or to take your family on all sorts of great fishing trips.

We created the Road to Discovery Series to make it easy for everyone from families, to students, to weekend adventurers to explore Connecticut's natural wonders. Each guidebook describes trips to nearby places where fundamental aspects of earth science and nature come to life.

The books provide parents with ideas for trips that are both fun and educational. They provide teachers with powerful, new tools that can be of great use in implementing the state's new core science curriculum

It's amazing what you can find in Connecticut—if you know where to look.

Connecticut is a small state, barely 5,000 square miles, but it has a rich history and is incredibly diverse.

Here you can explore some of the most incredible events in earth history, the early Age of Dinosaurs, many different types of natural habitats, and great family fishing. Road to Discovery Series guides explain how,

Become part of local tradition and explore the learning labs in our own backyards!

In Connecticut, it's possible to learn as much about earth science and nature in a few short trips as a college student might learn in a semester of lectures.

In fact, the state has been a leader in earth science and nature study for over 200 years, since the early days of the American republic.

The argument can be made that earth science in the New World began in Connecticut:

Geology (1804)

Paleontology (1836)

Fisheries science (1844)

Ecology (1976)

Teach your kids to appreciate nature—and have a great time along the way!

All sorts of wonderful, fun, and educational experiences are available in Connecticut, most within a short drive. Take your kids on local adventures they will never forget.

Great Day Trips to Discover the Geology of Connecticut gives a complete geologic history of the state and describes trips to places where its past is brought to life.

Great Day Trips in the Connecticut Valley of the Dinosaurs tells the tales of two centuries of dinosaur discoveries in the valley, about modern theories, and places where you can follow in the footsteps of dinosaurs.

Great Day Trips to Connecticut's Critical Habitats describes the natural places vital to sustaining the state's native wildlife, and trips to examples of each of the 16 critical habitats.

Best Fishing Trips in Connecticut gives the state's top angler's picks for the best family fishing trips the state has to offer, both freshwater and salt.