Great Day Trips to Discover the Geology of Connecticut

by Greg McHone, Ph.D.

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Explore over a billion years of earth history—right here in Connecticut!

Explore Connecticut's amazing geology and discover how the state has been at the center of earth-shaping events for hundreds of millions of years.

Travel to sites around the state that reveal how plate tectonics and continental collisions worked to assemble the supercontinent of Pangaea, where molten lava flowed through the earth's surface as Pangaea later rifted apart, and where the glaciers of the last Ice Age left their marks—all within a short drive or right down the road!

Learn how local rocks weave together tales of mountain building, continental rifting, erosion and sedimentation from regions with distinct geologic histories—the geological "terranes" of Connecticut.

Discover rock formations that date back from a billion years ago, 500 million years ago, 350 million and 200 million years ago! Explore metamorphic rocks formed from coral reefs and muddy seafloor in the deep past, igneous and sedimentary rocks formed early in the Age of Dinosaurs, and glacial deposits of the recent past. Visit mineral collections with fine examples of hundreds of local minerals.

By renowned Connecticut geologist Greg McHone, Ph.D. Includes a complete geologic history of Connecticut and trips to sites where fundamental concepts and principles of geology are brought to life.

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